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Letter T Play Dough Tray

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No-Prep Toddler Zipper & Button Practice

This activity really couldn’t be much easier.

All you need to do is find an assortment of jackets and/or bags around your home that have large buttons or zippers. Even better if you can include items with unique buttons or different types of clasps.

I took mine and put them in a pile for T to explore. I spent a few minutes showing him how they each worked, and after that he wanted to take charge and practice his new skills.

Happy busy toddler; happy parent 🙂

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DIY Dinosaur Movement Game

Dinosaur Game

I sometimes struggle with trying to find good, engaging, active, and fun indoor activities for my kids that I know will burn off a lot of their built up energy.

Basically, I wanted to find a quick, easy, go-to activity that I know my kids will love each time I pull it out. So I began brainstorming. I know that if the topic is about something they love, then the battle will already be half won. Enter dinosaurs.
What I love about this activity?

  1. It is free
  2. It is engaging
  3. It teaches a little bit about dinosaurs
  4. It only requires a little bit of space
  5. And it burns off a TON of energy

Materials needed: 

  • Paper plate
  • Marker
  • Ruler
  • Paperclip
  • Brad
  • Dinosaur stickers (optional)


  1. Use the ruler to help yourself draw lines to section off the parts of the plate. Decide how many sections you want. My sample has 8 sections.
  2. Write a movement in each section.
  3. If you have stickers, match them to the movement; this way your little one can use it on their own without needing to be able to read yet.
  4. Put the brad through the paperclip and through the center of the plate.
  5. Game time!

List of dinosaur movements: 

  1. Chomp like a T-Rex
  2. Stomp like a stegosaurus
  3. Twist like a tricerotops
  4. Fly like a pteredactl
  5. Spin like a spinosaurus
  6. Shake your tail like an albertasaurus
  7. Stretch like an apatosaurus
  8. Show your claws like a therizinosauraus
  9. Run like a velocoraptor
  10. Swim like an elasomasaurus

Do any of you have any dinosaur movement suggestions? Comment below!

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Christmas Sensory Box 

Here are a few Christmas themed sensory bins I have made. This first one was the fist sensory bin I ever made. I thought the whole idea was kind of strange. I mean, I know that young children are easily entertained, but really? Boy was I wrong! 

T LOVED his bin. The idea is you give the tot a themed bin and some tools to help them explore it (tongs are a big hit, but cups and spoons work nicely as well), and they just go for it. It is unstructured play that encourages them to explore how they see fit. 

This bin contained the following: 

  • Cotton balls 
  • Mitten 
  • Bells 
  • Cookie cutter
  • Plastic ornaments 
  • Cinamon scented candle (for smell only) 
  • Red and green caps

    This second bin just has a red and green theme to it. I made it for my 10 month old, K, who is too young for tongs and also still puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. As you can see, it mainly contains different kinds of blocks. 

    A suggestion I have is to make a few of these bins, and use large tupperware to store them so that you can quickly and easily pull them out when needed. One bin can useually be pulled out a few times before your little one will start to get board with it. 

    Other fun Holiday themed items to put in your bin: 

    • Bows 
    • Ribbons 
    • Red and green pom poms 
    • Dreidle 
    • Toy snowflakes 
    • Most things in the holiday section of any Dollar Store 

      What are some ideas you have? Comment below! 

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      4th Of July Sensory Bottle

      4th of July Sensory Bottle

      Here is a super simple July 4th sensory bottle I made for T and K.

      The materials I used:

      1. Red, white, and blue pipe cleaners
      2. Red, white, and blue small pom pom balls
      3. White glitter
      4. Clear water bottle

      I cut each pipe cleaner into 2 or 3 pieces. I then wrapped them each around a pen so they would make a spiral shape.

      I filled the bottle with water, and I used super glue to secure the cap.

      Just for fun I added a silver star sticker to the cap 😉

      Happy 4th!

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      Ocean Sensory Bin

      Ocean Sensory Bin

      I’ve got to be honest; my first thought about sensory bins was, “that looks boring…,” but boy was I wrong! I give T a sensory bin, and he’s good for a minimum of 15 minutes (that’s pretty good for a high-energy toddler).

      As with any sensory bin, be sure to provide your child with some tools to explore it. Things that scoop are fun (toy plastic shovels, measuring cups, etc.), and tongs are a HUGE favorite tool for my son.

      My son puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, so finding a safe base for his bins is always a challenge. This one has construction paper that has been cut with craft scissors to look like waves.

      Other things I added to this bin: bath toy sea animals, sea shells, and large blue and white pom pom balls.

      My favorite thing is that I can pull out the same bin for T to play with a few times before he gets bored of it.