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The Best Blankets for Hot Sleepers


If your child is anything like mine, then they are a little heater! Especially my son. He always seems to easily get hot and sweaty at night, which is why he is not a big fan of blankets.

(Disclaimer: There are no affiliated links in this post. These are just brands that I like and that I wanted to share with others 🙂

T’s dislike of blankets was a difficult concept for me to get used to, since I am the complete opposite. I’m always freezing at night time and need lots of thick blankets to keep me warm. My concern for T was the strongest on cold winter nights, when it was genuinely chilly and he STILL refused to use a blanket (he would even immediately kick it off of himself in his sleep if I tried putting one on him).

That was why I was so excited to find out about muslin blankets. Muslin is a light gauzy-like material that is breathable but is still pretty warm. They typically come in a pretty good size too, great for either swaddling larger babies or for just laying on top of older toddlers.

Other great things about these blankets is that their size makes them perfect for lying one ground for the kids to play on, and they’re also great nursing covers (especially nice because of how well the air circulates through the fabric.

Here are a few brands that I have experience with:

The first ones are the Aiden and Anais muslin swaddle blankets. These ones seem to be the most popular. They are overall higher quality, are soft, and have super cute designs. They are the more pricey of the muslin blankets, but you get what you pay for.

Next up I love the Mud Pie muslin blankets. They are also super soft with cute designs, but are a bit cheaper. These are the ones my kids use the most, especially in the summers. Both the Mud Pie and and Aiden and Anais blankets seem to get softer with the more they are washed, but the thickness and overall quality stays the same over time (apparently that is a common trait of this type of fabric).

Last up are the Lambie and Me swaddle blankets. They tend to be cheaper than other brands. These ones are not nearly as soft as the other two brands that I previously mentioned, but they are thicker which, in my opinion, makes them better for winter time.

I hope this helps!





I am a middle school teacher and a mother of two. I have always had a passion for education. As an educator, I know that the children who are the most successful students are those who have families who support their education at home.

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