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How to Help Your Kid With Their Homework (When You Don’t Know How to Do It)

How to Help Your Kid With Their Homework When You Dont Know How to Do It

I think every parent reaches that point where they try to help their child with their homework only to realize that they do not know how to do it themselves. Here are a few tips for how to still help them when that time comes:

  1. Read the directions very carefully. Often there are hints right there on the page that are easily missed.
  2. Make use of the textbook.- The text will have answers and examples
  3. YouTube and Google will provide information as well as explanations on how to solve different math problems (such as dividing fractions)
  4. If they have notes, have them take them out. Then, ask them to explain to you how the notes are organized. This will not only make them review their notes, but will possibly point them right to the answers.
  5. Ask open ended questions, such as, “What is the first step?”

My final suggestion here is to have your kid get a “study buddy.” This would be the contact info for someone else in their class that they can call up when needed.

I hope these tips help!



I am a middle school teacher and a mother of two. I have always had a passion for education. As an educator, I know that the children who are the most successful students are those who have families who support their education at home.

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