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5 Ways to Get Your Kid to Tell You About Their Day

5 Ways to Get Your Kid to Tell You About Their Day

Do you ever ask your kid what they did in school, and they reply something along the lines of, “nothing”?

The most common cause of this: you are asking the wrong question.

It is a natural part of human development for adolescents to stop working so hard for your attention, but that does not mean you should not give it. Here are some techniques you might have some more luck with.

  1. Be specific. Ex- “What did you learn about today in ___(math, English, etc.)?”
  2. Ask follow up questions. Ex- “Nothing? Was there no adult in the room? Did you just stare at the wall?” Hey, nothing wrong with poking fun at such a response.
  3. “What was your favorite part of school today? Why? What was your least favorite? Why?”
  4. If they have a bedtime, then ask about their day just before it. If they are the type to want to resist their given bedtime at all, then they will be way more likely to open up and talk to you at this time than they will right after school.
  5. Be genuine. Really listen to what they say, and respect their feelings.

I hope these tips help you to build a deeper relationship with your teen kids.



I am a middle school teacher and a mother of two. I have always had a passion for education. As an educator, I know that the children who are the most successful students are those who have families who support their education at home.

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